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August 23, 2011

8/12/11 Lt. Gov Kinder Applauds 11th Cir Ruling Declaring Individual Mandate Unconstitutional

Lt. Governor Kinder Applauds 11th Circuit Ruling Declaring Individual Mandate Unconstitutional

JEFFERSON CITY: Lt. Governor Peter Kinder today released the following statement after the 11th Circuit ruled that the health care law’s individual mandate is unconstitutional.

"Today's decision is a great victory in the battle against the unconstitutional overreach of the health care law. The 11th Circuit boldly confirmed what my constitutional challenge claims: that Congress does not have the authority to force every American to purchase health insurance.

"Yesterday, in my constitutional challenge against this health care monstrosity, we filed a motion requesting expedited oral argument and that the argument time be extended to an hour. The Government acquiesced and did not oppose our motion. It is necessary that this crucial issue regarding our constitutional liberties and freedoms be fully heard and decided as soon as possible.

“Half of the states in the US are now represented in my constitutional challenge in the Eighth Circuit. Twenty-one states have demonstrated their support for our battle in Missouri by filing an amicus brief in my case. As well, more than 150 elected executive and legislative officials of states within the Eighth Circuit filed a separate amicus brief in support of our claims. These state officials included Iowa Governor Terry Branstad, Arkansas Lt. Governor Mark Darr, Missouri House Speaker Steven Tilley, Missouri Senate President Pro Tem Rob Mayer, 127 members of the Missouri Legislature, and legislative leaders in the Minnesota House.

This tremendous level of support substantiates the negative impact the health care law is having on our country and the great need for it to be overturned. I am encouraged by today’s decision and the further support it gives to the claims of Missourians against this law. The 11th Circuit’s ruling states what Missourians said a year ago this month, by an overwhelming vote of 71%, that the individual mandate is unconstitutional and must be struck down."


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