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July 20, 2010

New York Post: The Health Care Lies Are Still Coming

"Since [President Obama] signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act a bit more than 100 days ago, the president has given a number of speeches and interviews in which he continues to say things that, well, just aren't so. Just last Friday, he told MSNBC's Chuck Todd that the law "not only makes sure everybody has access to coverage but is reducing costs."

Wrong on both counts."

Read the full story in the New York Post:

The Health Care Lies Are Still Coming

July 19, 2010

What Will Federal Health Care Cost Missouri?

What will Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid's health care law cost the state of Missouri? Read this in depth study from the Heritage Foundation...

Federal Health Care: Impact on the States

July 16, 2010

Breaking News: Judge upholds Missouri health-care ballot measure

JEFFERSON CITY A Missouri judge has rejected a challenge to an Aug. 3 ballot measure putting a key part of the federal health care law to a statewide vote.

Cole County Circuit Judge Paul Wilson on Friday dismissed a lawsuit seeking to strike the measure from the ballot. An appeal is likely.

The Missouri measure proposes a law barring the government from requiring people to have health insurance or from penalizing people for paying their health bills with their own money. It would conflict with a federal law requiring most people to have health insurance or face fines by 2014.

The lawsuit claimed Missouri’s measure violated a state constitutional requirement that legislation contain a clear title with a single subject that is not changed from its original purpose.

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July 14, 2010

Randy Barnett Discusses Constitutional Challenges to the Federal Health Care Law

In the video below, Georgetown Law Professor Randy Barnett discusses the constitutional challenges contained in the federal health care law.

Vote YES on Proposition C

August 3, 2010, voters in Missouri will be the first in the country to have the opportunity to vote YES to protect their freedom from government regulation.

Missouri’s Proposition C will protect us from government mandates by expressly stating that the government may not “penalize citizens for refusing to purchase private health insurance or infringe upon the right to offer or accept direct payment for lawful health care services."

We need your help!


Last week, joined by three other Missourians, I filed a constitutional challenge in federal court to ensure that we may continue to make our OWN health care choices, free of government mandates. Since filing this legal challenge, our opponents are in overdrive to stop our efforts.

First, they attacked me for choosing to fund this effort through private donations. I made the decision early in this process that NO TAX DOLLARS WOULD BE USED to pay for any legal fees incurred. We are counting on YOU and thousands of supporters to help fund this lawsuit and to help ensure our success in federal court. Our donors are ordinary citizens who are dedicated to the principles of freedom that our nation was founded on.

Then, on July 9, Democratic Attorney General Chris Koster filed a motion in federal court in an attempt to remove me from this case. Earlier this year, I asked Attorney General Koster to weigh in on this case. He never responded to my request. Now he is using YOUR TAX DOLLARS to try to impede our progress. If the attorney general wasn't willing to spend TAX DOLLARS to join our suit, why is he willing to have the state of Missouri pay to oppose our case?

A leading constitutional scholar has said that the claims we, and other states are making are "very serious," and "unprecedented... these are not frivolous claims."

Despite opposition, WE ARE PRESSING ON! Our legal team is working hard to ensure that we are prepared to bring our arguments to the courtroom. But I NEED YOUR HELP! Our entire legal challenge is being funded by donations. Today, I'm asking you to contribute $15, $25, $50, $100 or more to our Health Care In Action, Inc. legal fund. You can donate online, or by mailing a donation to the address listed on this page.

Our success is dependent on you! After donation, please forward this message to 10 of your friends and ask them to help in this effort. If you have already donated, THANK YOU! We have made it this far because of YOU!

Be sure to follow me on Twitter and stay up to date at

Keeping up the fight,


"A wise and frugal government, which shall leave men free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned - this is the sum of good government." - Thomas Jefferson

July 13, 2010

VIDEO: Lt. Gov. Kinder files legal challenge against health care mandate

July 7, 2010 - Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder joined three other Missourians to file a legal challenge against the federal health care mandate. After filing the lawsuit, Lt. Gov. Kinder held a press conference at the Rush H. Limbaugh, Sr. courthouse in Cape Girardeau, MO.

July 8, 2010

Protecting our Freedoms - We need your help!

Dear Friends,

I am so thankful for your support and encouragement as we begin our fight in court against the effects of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi's health care law in Missouri. Wednesday, I filed our challenge with three other Missourians at the Rush H. Limbaugh, Sr. courthouse in my hometown of Cape Girardeau, MO. You can read through our constitutional challenge below and I hope you take time to watch my appearance on Fox News with Greta Van Susteren from Wednesday night. This constitutional challenge is unlike other lawsuits filed by dozens of states across the country. Ours is unique in that is focuses on the specific challenges we face here in Missouri.

Most importantly, our lawsuit differs from other states in that we are paying all legal fees with private contributions. NO TAXPAYER MONEY will be used to pay for our lawsuit! That means we're counting on you to help us continue our fight in federal court! Dozens of people from across Missouri, and across the country have contributed to our legal fund and I am incredibly grateful for this support. I am hopeful that you will consider contributing $10, $20, $50 or $100 or more to our cause. You can donate online by clicking on the DONATE button on the right side of the page. Our cause is bipartisan and our goal is to allow Missourians to have the final say in making their own health care choices.

As you probably know, we have opposition. Some would prefer that we all sit idly by and accept the overreaching hand of Washington. This is the goal of a group here in Missouri. They have filed a lawsuit in an attempt to prevent Missouri voters from rejecting this health care takeover at the ballot box in August. So far, the people behind their lawsuit have remained quiet and their funding remains a mystery.

As they operate in secret, I am proud to thank the contributors who have helped fund our constitutional challenge. I have attached a list of our contributors to date at the bottom of this post. I am hopeful that newspapers in Missouri will now challenge the people behind the clandestine lawsuit I mentioned above to do the same. Our legal challenge has been transparent from the very beginning and we have never had anything to hide. The question is, what are these people trying to hide?

Thank you for your continued support. Please check often for updates on our progress. Together, we will stand up for the freedoms of all Missourians.

Thank you,


P.s. Please forward your friends and neighbors to and ask them to support our efforts!

Contributors to the Health Care in Action Legal Fund

Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder "On the Record" with Fox News

July 7, 2010

Read all about it!

Click on the Twitter link to the right to see a summary of today's news stories regarding the filing of our constitutional challenge against Obamacare!

BREAKING: Kinder v. Geithner

Attached is a copy of the legal complain filed this morning by Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder and three other plaintiffs in Federal Court in Cape Girardeau, MO.
Kinder v. Geithner - July 7, 2010

Associated Press: Kinder to File Suit Today on Health Law

(Jefferson City, MO) -- Missouri Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder plans to file a lawsuit against the new health care reform bill today.

The Republican says he wants to fight the federal insurance mandate.

The St. Louis Post Dispatch reports he will file suit in Cape Girardeau today.

In August, Missouri voters will vote on whether to exempt the state from the federal mandate provisions in the health care law.

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July 6, 2010

Southeast Missourian: Lt. Gov. Kinder to file lawsuit challenging health care law in Cape Girardeau

By Alaina Busch ~ Southeast Missourian

After raising funds and researching the federal legislation, Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder will file a lawsuit challenging the new health care law in Cape Girardeau Wednesday.

Kinder, other plaintiffs and his attorney, Washington D.C.-based Thor Hearne, will make a presentation at 9:15 a.m. on the front steps of the Rush H. Limbaugh Sr. U.S. Courthouse.

Kinder set up a not-for-profit organization, Healthcare in Action Inc. to collect donations, said spokesman Gary McElyea. The organization has collected from more than 100 donors, including Missourians and out-of-state contributors, he said. The donations will cover the legal expenses, he said.

In the spring, Kinder announced he would take legal action against the federal legislation. He later delayed the lawsuit to research the topic and raise funds.

"It's given us an opportunity to really focus it on how the bill affects Missourians," McElyea said.

McElyea said Kinder did not join more than a dozen states already challenging the law because he wanted to focus on how it will affect the state budget and insurance requirements already established in Missouri, among other state issues.

Pertinent address:

555 Independence St. Cape Girardeau, MO

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BREAKING NEWS: Lt. Governor Kinder to File Suit Against Federal Health Care Law Wednesday

CAPE GIRARDEAU – Lt. Governor Peter Kinder announced today that he will file his legal challenge Wednesday in Cape Girardeau against the recently enacted federal health care law.  The suit will be filed in Federal Court in the Eastern District of Missouri at the Rush H. Limbaugh Sr. U.S. Courthouse.

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