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May 26, 2010

KOLR: Kinder to File Lawsuit Next Month Over Health Care

Kinder to File Lawsuit Next Month Over Health Care

(Springfield, MO) -- Missouri Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder comes to Springfield today to talk about his pending lawsuit against health care reform. Kinder spoke of the implications of the new law.

His suit claims the U.S. government can't mandate that citizens have health insurance or force states to carry out the new law without reimbursing them for costs.

Kinder says he'll file the suit next month, not on behalf of the state of Missouri, but on behalf of individual Missourians.

"They've handed the bill to Missouri taxpayers who are stuck with a bill for hundreds of millions of dollars over the next decade and beyond," Kinder said. "And it's a moving target so we don't know how much but I'm using the figure $500 million in a few years and forever after."

Missouri's Attorney General, Christ Koster, has not sued.

Kinder says it is his role as a constitutional officer of Missouri to file suit.

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